by Adam Seelig

  • Perfect for: Grades 1-6

  • Performance length: 40 minutes + Q&A with the actors

  • Featuring: Drama, storytelling and flashes of music and dance performed by two actors

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  • PLAY has reached 20,000+ kids thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation! - read how

" Who made the first plays in the world? KIDS! "

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"Who made the first plays in the world? Kids!"
Playing is what kids do best.
All kids are natural-born play-makers.

Beginning with classic games like tag, PLAY: A (Mini) History of Theatre for Kids is an exciting, playful introduction to some of the world’s most enduring games we call “plays.” Performed by two wonderful actors — Richard Harte and “Mavis-the-Sometimes-Cat” (Jessica Salgueiro / Rochelle Bulmer) — PLAY takes young audiences through four fascinating periods of drama:

  1. Early Beginnings: games around the fire

  2. Ancient Greek Theatre: "Antigone" by Sophocles

  3. Medieval Japanese Noh Theatre: "Sekidera Komachi" by Zeami

  4. Modern Theatre: Gertrude Stein, Alfred Jarry & Samuel Beckett

PLEASE NOTE: PLAY is in no way a complete history of theatre! Out of thousands of moments in dramatic history, it simply presents four of our favourites for kids to enjoy.


TDSB Partnership Appreciation for One Little Goat’s PLAY

TDSB Partnership Appreciation for One Little Goat’s PLAY


“Toronto’s enterprising One Little Goat” (New York Times), a registered charity, is North America's only theatre company dedicated to poetic theatre. With over a decade of acclaimed productions for adult audiences, the company is thrilled to make its theatre-for-young-audiences debut with PLAY. To date, One Little Goat has performed PLAY for over 20,000 students in over 100 elementary schools.

Adam Seelig (photo Y.Dojc)

Adam Seelig is a poet, playwright, stage director, and the founder of One Little Goat in Toronto. Seelig’s works have been covered in the New York Times, Globe & Mail, New York Review of Books, Canadian Theatre Review, NOW, World Literature Today and Poetry Magazine. He is published by New Star Books and BookThug. Seelig is the recipient of a Commonwealth Scholarship for drama, and of a Stanford University Golden Award for his study of Samuel Beckett’s manuscripts.




Featuring Richard Harte & Jessica Salgueiro / Rochelle Bulmer
Stage Manager Sam Hale
Sets & Costumes Jackie Chau (Dora nominee)
Written & Directed by Adam Seelig